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What is Debate in the Neighbourhood?

Debate in the Neighbourhood takes debating and public speaking out of their traditional settings and puts them at the heart of education programs in diverse communities around the world. DiN projects are now underway in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

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3 Mar 2014
IDEA NL will host the second Mind your Wallet exchange weekend in Rotterdam from May 30 until June 1 2014. Young people from different cities in the...
3 Mar 2014
Students of the Gregorius College in Utrecht will debate with each other and a panel of experts on financial problems among young people on Wednesday the 12th...
18 Feb 2014
IDEA NL will host sixty teachers, youth workers and debate trainers from Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in De Rode Hoed for the DiN...
21 Jan 2014
The first of a series of debate masterclasses took place in Amsterdam's De Rode Hoed on Wednesday 15 January 2014.


14 Jul 2013 - 20 Jul 2013
28 Jun 2013 - 30 Jun 2013

Youth News

Youth News

1 Aug 2013

The UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his government are worried that online porn is too easy for children to access; the government is also concerned about the large amount of illegal pornography, including images of extreme violence, that exists on the internet.

9 Jul 2013

On 09 July a man named Reece Elliot was sent to prison for 28 months by a judge at Newcastle Crown Court. He had been found guilty of making a threat to kill and sending “grossly offensive messages”.

3 Jul 2013

In May this year, the Howard League for Penal Reform released statistics showing that police services across the United Kingdom took almost 70,000 DNA samples from young people between the ages of 10 and 17. The League’s statistics also showed that the police had taken DNA samples from seven-year-old, five-year-old and two-year-old children.

1 Jul 2013

According to the BBC, a survey carried out by the Welsh branch of alcohol issues charity Concern has discovered that increasing numbers of teenagers are using Supermarkets’ online delivery services to get hold of alcoholic drinks.