UK teenagers use online shopping to dodge alcohol age checks

According to the BBC, a survey carried out by the Welsh branch of alcohol issues charity Concern has discovered that increasing numbers of teenagers are using Supermarkets’ online delivery services to get hold of alcoholic drinks.

In March of this year, the police carried out checks, with the help of young people, to find out how difficult it would be for an underage person to trick a supermarket into sending them wine, sprits or beer. In almost half of all the police checks, young people received deliveries of alcohol simply by supplying a debit card number and an email address.

Should supermarkets do more to stop teenagers buying alcohol online?
Alcohol Concern’s specialists explained that supermarkets rarely check the age of the owners of debit cards used to buy goods from their websites.

Should supermarkets introduce tougher age checks for people who do their shopping online? Should young people be prevented from using online shopping services altogether? Check out the BBC report and the Alcohol Concern Cymru survey linked underneath this article then join the debate at your local Debate in the Neighbourhood group or online at

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The original survey by Alcohol Concern

The BBC’s report on the survey

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